Rage PC specifications released

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎10-06-2011 08:16 AM

The PC specifications for Bethesda's highly-anticipated shooter game have been released, setting a level of requirements that should be reachable for most PC users, according to a recent TechSpot report.

Baseline specifications

The base specifications for any game are those that are absolutely required for the title to run on a computer. The specifications do not designate standards to run the game at high-performance levels. Specifications do not even ensure stable performance with moderate graphics settings. Instead, they provide the absolute essentials needed for the game to run on a user's system.

In the case of Rage, minimum specifications include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or AMD equivalent, 2GB of memory and a Radeon HD 4200, GeForce 8800 or equivalent graphics card. The game also requires 25GB of storage space.

According to the news source, these minimum specifications are at a level that most users will be able to reach with few upgrades. However, anybody running a solid state drive as a boot drive may need to invest in a device with plenty of storage space to handle the program, the report said.

Recommended specifications

The recommended specifications give users a better idea of what they need to really enjoy the game. Typically, a computer that just meets recommended specifications will experience smooth performance with at least medium visual settings. However, users looking to run the title on high graphics settings may want to use the recommended specifications as a guide and try to upgrade their computer to go beyond them.

For example, Bethesda recommends users have 4GB of DRAM to run Rage. But the experts at Crucial recommend 8GB or more will take users beyond medium graphics settings and allow them to run the game with high-performance options turned on. Furthermore, the recommended specifications say users need some form of quad-core processor. Investing in a high-quality quad core CPU will also help enable more robust settings. The same goes for the video card, where Bethesda recommends a Radeon HD 5550, GeForce 9800 GTX or higher.

Making the appropriate upgrades

The report points out that these specifications are not particularly high, especially for a game from such a well established company. However, supporting at least 4GB of memory means that users will also need to run a 64-bit operating system, the report said. As a result, any efforts to make hardware upgrades to support Rage and similar titles may also require new software if users are not running an operating system capable of supporting hardware.

PC gaming's trajectory

Currently, the PC gaming market is in something of a rut when it comes to encouraging performance. Because most games are designed for consoles and PCs, they are limited in their core design. Most current consoles have just 512MB of DRAM. As a result, the games are unable to leverage the full potential of PCs. This makes now an ideal time to upgrade a computer. Now, DRAM and video cards are so inexpensive that users who could not previously afford the hardware needed to run games with high settings can now take advantage of the capabilities of their PC hardware.

Rage's specifications are an ideal example of this. Early screenshots and videos shows the game features a fairly solid graphics platform from a technical standpoint. However, those visuals have to work on consoles and the PC. Therefore, PC users running a decent video card and 8GB of DRAM or more can unleash some of the game's highest settings without necessarily having to invest in enthusiast-level equipment.


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