512 gB Crucial M4 in my Imac Upgrade

Kilobyte Kid

512 gB Crucial M4 in my Imac Upgrade

I have a 512 gB Crucial M4 in my Imac.  I Can't upgrade to 040H; I get stuck at "finding drives" and nothing happens.


I have a 2011 Imac, 32 GB of RAM, Crucial M4 SSD (010G), i7 processor, two drives internal, a Seagate and the M4.


I have searched the forums and the only folks who've had any success in updating the firmware have those who have boot camp windows on their boxes, which I don't have.  I don't have any windows licenses to play with.  I'm a Mac user.


I am being affected by and have been affected by one of the bugs that are listed as fixed in this update.


Has Crucial made any progress on this?


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