MX500 SSD keeps freezing

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MX500 SSD keeps freezing


my Crucial MX500 SSD keeps 'freezing' at randon time intervals and won't allow me to do anything until I switch the PC off and reboot.

It does this completely without any warning, I could be surfing the net or working on an important project and lose all work I've done since last being able to safely save my work.

I've only had the SSD drive a couple of weeks and have to say I'm very disappointed with it so far.

I have since replaced it with my old HDD and ha dno such freezing problems since.

Has anyone else had similar problems, is there a fix or have I been sold a faulty SSD?


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Re: MX500 SSD keeps freezing

Drives have built in diagnostic data known as SMART which should alert you as to whether the drive itself is faulty or not.  You can check this data in

If you're not sure what you are looking at, post up a screenshot from that program and we can take a look.


And if the drive is not faulty, here's some past causes of such issues:

i) The Acronis cloning software included with the drives can cause this behaviour on a minority of systems and if affected should be uninstalled after you have cloned.  However, I say this without knowing whether the MX500 includes this software or whether it is affected - since it uses a different controller to the older drives.

ii) Chipset power saving. If you have the option - enable hot swap for the sata port the drive is connected to in your BIOS.  Try setting the windows power options to high performance.

iii) Sata drivers.  If using the Windows stock ones, try swapping to your chipset manufacturers driver and vice versa and even different versions of the manufacturers driver. Intels is here: You may need to select an older version for older computers.

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