Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized

Kilobyte Kid

Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized

I just bought an SSD, MX300 275GB for my Macbook Pro Late 2011 model.  The SSD is not showing up in Disk Utility to reformat.  I purchased an MX200 250GB for my mid 2010 Macbook Pro and set up was seemless (about a year ago).  All forums are telling me to connect the SSD via Sata/USB to an operating laptop and reformat before installing to my Macbook Pro.  I will try this first and then move to other options, given there are others.  Can anyone please share if you've had this issue and have resolved it somehow.  Thank you!

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized


I'm having problems with anMX500 SSD also in a  15' Mac Book Pro (2012) and have posted

about it, it works fine in external enclosures (Thunderbolt, USB 3.0) but fails to work properly

inside te Macbook pro on both SATA3 buses, they show up when formated externally but I get errors

(-50) when writing to them and Disk Utility says the disk needs repair but the repair fails.

I Also can't format them internally, I have 3 MX500 and tried everything that was suggested here and that

I could think of, so far without success.

my Macbook SATA3 buses are not the issues as far as I can tell since all works fine with Samsung SSD's connectd internally.

I'm about to contact Crucial tech support, I'll post info if I get anything new.



Upgrade Ace

Re: Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized

Try resetting the PRAM and the SMC together and the order of this matters.   I forget which order this should be done, so I would first perform the PRAM reset making sure to hear the chime at least 3 times, then perform the SMC reset, then another PRAM reset (hear the chime at least 3 times), then see if the SSD is seen.


Years ago we had a third party SSD in an early gen MBAir and were told to do the two resets back to back in a certain order and it actually worked.    Doing them individually will not work.  Make sure the laptop does not try to begin booting any device in between these resets.


Worth a try anyway.


If you are using High Sierra (macOS 10.13), then a blank drive will not be seen by Disk Utility GUI.  In Disk Utility in the upper left corner select "Show All Drives/Devices".  Then quit Disk Utility and then relaunch it.   The blank drive should now be seen.


Try reseating the drive cable to the SSD & the Logic Board perhaps gently spraying it with compressed air.


Otherwise I am unaware of any issues or fixes for these two laptops.


Re: Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized

@HWTech, what do you think about EFI and SMC updates?


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Upgrade Ace

Re: Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized

Wow, I was trying to find that page a few weeks ago.   I thought they got rid of it completely since Apple is changing how firmware updates are released and applied.


It wouldn't hurt to check the firmwares.    However, if the OP has upgraded the OS those firmware updaters may not work and the OP may need to install the original OS on an external drive first.  



Kilobyte Kid

Re: Macbook Pro SSD Upgrage Not Recognized

I recieved my SATA to USB cord yesterday.  Connected my SSD to my Macbook Pro Mid 2010 that I had upgraded last year.  Got an error that said External Disk is unreadable, yet it still showed up in my Disk Utility.  I reformated it and then installed it into my Macbook Pro Late 2011 with a bootable High Sierra Install Disk and the SSD showed up.  This seemed to fix the issue and I was able to restore from a time machine from an external hard drive.  Everything is working fine now.  Thanks for the suggestions.