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SSDs for the Creative Pro

Posted By bpcrucial Posts: 36 Registered 04-23-2009

You create. You design. You execute. Fueled by programs like Adobe® CS for graphic design work, Discreet COMBUSTION for video editing, or Steinberg® Nuendo for post-production work, your creativity can't wait. You need speed, stability, and performance.  And that's why you need a Crucial SSD.


Designed to replace traditional hard drives, Crucial SSDs utilize flash memory to deliver almost immediate system starts, nearly instantaneous application load times, and remarkably fast data processing times. Without the small moving parts that are standard in hard drives, Crucial SSDs are able to access data faster because they don't have to locate it on a moving hard disk. For you, that means design work just got a whole lot smoother.


For the creative pro, SSD technology can dramatically increase the speed of your workflow.  Every step of the way, a Crucial SSD will help you save time when building, saving, storing, and transferring multi-gigabyte files—daily tasks for every creative pro. And since Crucial SSDs read all file types (compressed and uncompressed) at the same high speeds, you won't experience a drop in performance when moving from one type of file to the next. With a Crucial SSD, make waiting a thing of the past. Find one that's compatible with your PC or Mac® system here.




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