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SSDs for the Road Warrior

Posted By bpcrucial Posts: 36 Registered 04-23-2009

If travel is a big part of your job, then your laptop is probably pretty important. Since your on-the-go productivity is often tied to the performance level of your laptop, what if you were able to dramatically increase its performance?


What if you could

  • Push the power button on your laptop and it would boot almost immediately?
  • Load applications almost instantly?
  • Fool-proof your data against slips, bumps, falls, and other travel accidents?
  • Increase your multitasking capabilities?
  • Reduce the weight of your laptop?
  • Increase your system's battery life?

A Crucial SSD addresses these key travel issues – and helps make your work on the road faster and more efficient.


Designed for road warriors and on-the-go professionals, Crucial SSDs offer several travel-specific intangibles. They're faster than traditional hard drives, meaning that applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint load almost immediately. With an SSD, you'll also get used to your computer booting up almost as soon as you press the power button.


As an on-the-go professional, you need reliable access to your data, and you won't get that from the small moving parts found in a traditional hard drive. Bumps, falls, vibrations, temperature changes, and drops — with constant travel, your laptop is exposed to all sorts of conditions, some of which can damage or destroy the parts in your hard drive. Since Crucial SSDs have no moving parts, they're more rugged than traditional hard drives and they last nearly twice as long.* With constant travel, you've got enough things to worry about — don't worry about your data with a Crucial SSD.


To find a compatible Crucial SSD for your system, check out the Crucial SSD Advisor tool and get your system road-ready.


*Compared to a hard drive, an SSD has a much longer mean time to failure (MTTF) – 600,000 hours for a hard drive before its MTTF versus 1.2 million hours for an SSD. For storage drives, MTTF is an important measure of drive reliability.



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