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Bit Baby
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Registered: ‎09-17-2012

CT2CP51264BC1067 same as CT3309360?

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Brought the 8GB kit from Amazon for my MacBook Pro mid 2010, Crucial memory advisor says that I need CT3309360.


On Amazon the model number is listed as CT2CP51264BC1067 although exactly the same specs, on the box its CT2KIT51264BC1067.


Trouble is I have installed the RAM and my laptop now continue to hang and intermittent kernal panics forcing the computer to restart. After replacing the 8GB RAM with the original 4GB I have no problems.


Is Amazons stock wrong for my MacBook?


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Re: CT2CP51264BC1067 same as CT3309360?

in reply to snailfur

Hi snailfur,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your memory upgrade.


The part numbers are slightly different and with Apple systems they are very particular with what revision of memory they use.


It could be down to one of two things.  Either one of the memory modules is not working, to test this try each of the new modules on it's own in the system.  Or it could be that your model does not like that exact memory revision.


If it is down to a faulty module we can arrange an exchange for you.  However if it's the wrong revision of memory for your model you would need to contact Amazon for an exchange or refund.

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