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Kilobyte Kid
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Problems I had Installing the Dataplex Software For the SSC ADREALINE

[ Edited ]

I had some issues loading the Dataplex software just thought I'd offer up some imformation for the solution I found to my problem.


First I had no business installing anything into my computer in the first place. For example I didn't know how to open my computers case nor even what a SATA cable was prior to my install. Well any way I figured that all out quickly. I wish Crucial sent me the SATA power harness in the kit. I had to run to Radio Shack to get one. Anyway I got the hardware hooked up and went to the software end to finish the install. I had to update the bios driver for my mother board  which was quick and painless from HP. So now I am planning on finishing the install and getting on with my work. Download the software put in the License Key software install all good just restart to complete right.... WRONG!


After the install the Dataplex software read : Status   = NOT installed!!!  

Thank you handy dandy Dataplex Status Tool. My question is why?

So after hours and hours on the phone with crucial support and about 20 install and uninstall over 2 days which for some reason took 20 min to boot each time.  I finally got the moment of AAAHHHH! The tech support (Dan *removed personal information*) pointed out the problem. In the Bios my SATA controller mode was set to RAID. Well apparently the SSC Adrenaline will not run on RAID. Had to be switched to AHCI. Dan freaked me out a bit saying I might need to re install windows. I couldn't get my system to boot in AHCI because windows was installed in RAID.


Switched my computer back to RAID. Five minutes on Google and less time than it took to write this message I was up and running and so was Dataplex.  This was my answer!


Mr.. *removed personal information* was nice enough to email me back the next day to see how I was doing. I replied to him that I solved my problem suggested that he post the solution to the forum. Alas he couldn't because you have to edit your registry and they can suggest you to do so.  If an **bleep** who didn't know what a SATA cable was three days ago can figure it out, I figure so can you. If you screw up your computer don't blame me or crucial. Like I said I am just offering up some free information of my experience. I wish I knew more prior to buying my computer the adrenalin has speed up my computer but I imagine it might be a little bottle necked because my mother board only has SATA2. I can only imagine the speed with SATA3.

Bank and Slot Hot Shot
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Re: Problems I had Installing the Dataplex Software For the SSC ADREALINE

in reply to justtoolnround

Thanks for posting your findings for others, and I'm sorry to hear about the hassles!


Here is a fix it for me, from Microsoft, for anyone who needs to make such changes to the registry but are worried about doing it manually.   This fixes BSOD 0x0000007b


And here is the registry change info for anyone, in case the link above does not work sometimes in the future


These apply to Intel based boards only, the above may or may not work on AMD (i'm not sure)


Enable switching between all IDE/AHCI/RAID modes by changing "Start" Values in these keys to 0 (Win 7 / Vista ONLY) - NOT X79

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Re: Problems I had Installing the Dataplex Software For the SSC ADREALINE

in reply to lsdmeasasp

As above, thanks for taking the time to post your findings!


Over at Dataplex's site though, it says their software supports raid?


If it doesn't, I'd have to advise Dell users to double check their bios before buying because some of them don't support AHCI and only offer RAID.


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