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Cloning with Acronis True Image HD 2014

Posted By Moderator Moderator 10 Comments

Cloning with Acronis True Image HD 2014

on ‎06-17-2014 09:57 AM
Posted By Moderator Moderator Posts: 38 Registered 07-09-2013

This article applies only to the Acronis True Image HD 2014 download editions with product keys included. If you are using the standalone CD version from our install kits, this article applies instead.


Acronis True Image HD 2014 is now shipping with select Crucial products. For assistance downloading, installing, and activating your software, our knowledge base details that process. Once done, the following video can show you how to use the software to begin the cloning itself.



by geminitechie
on ‎06-24-2014 03:54 PM

Maybe I'm just missing something here but if I'm replacing, say, a laptop's hard drive with an SSD, The first instruction says to "Connect your new SSD to the system. . ." I find unclear. What system? Are we talking about removing the drive from the laptop and connecting it to something - system - or does the drive remain in the laptop and the new SSD connects to what? Granted, once I order and receive the kit, it will probably be self evident but just would like to know. And, maybe others might be more inclined to give it a try.

by Moderator Moderator
on ‎06-26-2014 07:36 AM

In a laptop specifically, assuming your system does not have multiple internal SATA ports, you will need to use a SATA-to-USB connector to connect the new drive externally while the original drive stays internal (you can reverse the locations, but there's rarely a need for this). Our laptop install kits include a cable cable for this, but any other vendor's SATA-to-USB adapter or USB enclosure will work as well.

by Moderator Moderator
‎01-16-2015 01:48 PM - edited ‎01-16-2015 01:49 PM

Some users have reported difficulty in successfully cloning using the Windows version of Acronis True Image HD 2014. The process below details creating a bootable CD or USB drive to launch the Acronis Software from directly without ever loading Windows. This requires either a blank CD or USB drive. While testing has shown this process is non-destructive to existing USB drive data, our recommendation is you remove any files from a USB drive you intend to use as bootable media in this way to eliminate the risk of data loss from this process.


  1. To begin, from the main screen of Acronis True Image HD 2014, select the "Backup and recovery" tab.
  2. Click the button for "Create bootable media". 
  3. A new Window for "Acronis Media Builder" will appear. Click Next to proceed.
  4. The next screen will have you select what programs to place on the bootable media you are creating. Check the box next to Acronis True Image 2014, then click Next.
  5. An options menu will appear next. Nothing needs to be set here for normal use of Acronis, so simply click Next.
  6. A list of connected media the bootable device can be created from will be displayed. Select the desired target (in our example, USB drive letter 'I'), and click Next.
  7. If everything looks correct in the process summary, click Proceed.
  8. A progress indicator will appear as your bootable media is created, and once complete a notification window will appear. Afterward, you can close all Acronis windows.

From here, you will boot from the created media, adjusting your BIOS/UEFI boot menu options if necessary to do so, and run the Acronis software to clone your source drive to another target disk.

by nakikim
on ‎02-24-2015 10:51 PM

OS: windows 7 64bit

SSD: MX100 512gb


I tried both ways. However, they don't work. 


For windows mode, after rebooting, it gave me a message about removebale media. 

If I answer "yes", it just give me above quesiton again and again. For answer "No", nothing happens. 


So I take bootable media option, the message i got is like below.


"You have only one drive. This program is designed to work with two or more drives."


Please confirm that this program is workable for me or not. 




by kfeige
on ‎03-02-2015 11:45 PM

I'm having the exact same problem as Nakikim is having. If I try to do this via Windows it says that ther eis no disk in the drive. If I do this through the CD bootup disk, it hangs after I choose to run Acronis True Image (par for the course with Acronis). So what's the solution to this problem? The drive I bought was $220 and it's useless now.

by nakikim
‎03-03-2015 12:21 AM - edited ‎03-03-2015 12:22 AM

Well, here is my suggestion to kfeige as a victim of poor program or its support which only give me partial solution.

I am successful with clonezilla which is a well made GNU software from Taiwan geniouses.

Here is my suggestion from successfully duplicate hdd to sdd.


1. Install clonezilla on USB stick or use Acronis on USB. -> it is exactly same from internet instructions.


2. Physically install both SDD and HDD to USB capable external case or whatever. The point is that make them usb connectable so that

    Your program will notice your devices as USB, not as internal hdd which is not detected on your program apparently.


3. Before running your program, check your mother board bios whether those usbed storages are detected or not. If it is not detected on your mother board, it will probably be not detected on your software either. If it is not found, change your usb port untill you find your devices in bios level. If not, I higly recommand you find another computer and do above process instead of fixing this issue on your computer.  


4.  At this point your pain will be gone. Just follow Matt_TheCru's steps or instruction on internet.


Good luck  

by exlogger
on ‎06-14-2015 08:35 PM

I bought a new BX 100 250GB to put in my Acer E 15 ES1-512-P84G and wanted to clone the SSD so I downloaded the Acronis True Image 2014 software went though all the steps to get it redistered  and started the program, set it up to clone my hard drive every thing went fine until it restarted the computer. It never booted into Acronis so I tried again and again and again trying different setting never would clone or startup in Acronis. So this is what I did first I went to Acronis and found out how to make a Acronis bootable USB so I could try it that way ( you use the rescure media  builder in tools-Acronis to make Acronis boot at startup) so I did that and booted to the USB and it cloned my disks with no problems, installed my SSD and everthing is working fine. Windows 8.1

by Ross_M
‎10-26-2015 10:22 AM - edited ‎10-26-2015 10:30 AM

I have a formatted 500GB SSD drive connected to my laptop via USB. I have followed the video steps and see both drives available for selection as the source drive. The internal shows as Disk 1 SATA and the SSD as Disk 2 USB. I select Disk 1 as the source but when it comes to select the destination drive, I still see both drives but they are greyed out. I can understand Disk 1 (source) being greyed out but not the USB destination drive.


Any thoughts ?


Thanks in advance.

by rbockman
on ‎09-16-2016 03:07 PM

Crucial acronis software caused my Win 10 pc to freeze, when I was able to reboot, the system was unstable, second reboot and I think I'm back to normal. Currently trying a free cloning product.

by rbockman
on ‎09-16-2016 07:49 PM

Update, used Easis freeedc setup to clone the drive, Worked fine.