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How to copy and restore a Windows 7 Boot Camp partition in Mac

Posted By Brad_TheCru 2 Comments

How to copy and restore a Windows 7 Boot Camp partition in Mac

on ‎10-16-2013 12:12 PM
Posted By Brad_TheCru Posts: 37 Registered 05-02-2012

by berniecmills
on ‎12-21-2013 04:46 PM

I found this video very valuable however in my case I hit a serious problem towards the end. 

I was trying to restore a Windows 8.1 installation onto the SSD bootcamp partition. 

The step in the video at 12:06 Repair your computer is obviously for a windows 7 system.

Windows 8 has a similar step to repair the boot install but it did not work with the SSD for me. 

There are various repair steps available in Windows 8 however none of them seemed to automatically repair the partition boot sequence as easily as the windows 7 step in the video.


I nearly gave up but a random bit of googling brought me to think about Windows System Restore image.

This is a backup and restore ( at partition level) feature in Windows and is free. I wondered if a backup and restore using this feature might fix the partition boot issue. In the end it did. Window 8.1 restore system image is quite a hidden feature 

but i found a great page which showed me how to create a complete system image restore of the original windows partition and then restore this onto the SSD. This is similar to the steps in the video where an external USB drive was used to store the system image backup.  Using this restore feature fixed the issue so Windows was able to boot. 


This was the page which saved my life. I wanted to post it here since it was so important to getting the whole process to work for me.


The process involved opening a windows admin command prompt and entering the command


wbAdmin start backup -backupTarget:E: -include:C: -allCritical -quiet


To create the system image On my E drive


then using the window 8.1 boot cd to install that image Into the boot camp partition. 


At the same time it fixed the partition so the repair step in the video was not needed. 


I hope others find that helpful when they come to migrate their Mac and windows bootcamp partitions to an SSD.


Overall the whole process of moving to an SSD took me nearly all day. Copying just the Mac OS partition was quite easy but copying the Windows partition was quite hard. I think it would be good if someone from crucial validated my steps and updated the video. Perhaps you could also record it in focus the next time with some spoken commentary so it's easier to watch and understand. 



by berniecmills
on ‎12-22-2013 03:36 AM

i just wanted to follow up on my post from yesterday.. I am not sure that this procedure is correct for windows 8.1 as today the mac software updated itself and my windows partitions are now not accessible.


it seems that upgrading to a SSD when you have windows 8.1 installed is quite a problem and I can't recommend it until an official approach by either Apple/Microsoft or Crucial is available. 


On this I accept defeat which is a shame as I had a fully working bootcamp before and now I have a fast mac SSD partition but no windows..l not sure that is quite the step forware I was looking for.